At first: YASAK4.5RE isn’t a new project of mine. It is a shortcut of „Yet Another Story About the KDE 4.5 Release Event“.

I am not a friend of so much words. Instead I give some images from the release party in Chemnitz (together with the release party of openSUSE 11.3).

speech about openSUSE community from A to Z

Sirko Kemter

The audience

The audience

Tobias talks about the past, present and future of KDE

Tobias Koenig

After the official part starts the BBQ



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Some Impressions from CLT 2010

Today’s the first (of two days) of the „Chemnitzer Linux Info Tage“. Here are some impressions:

This CLT begins

more then one visitor comes

our booth

never without konqi

News about KScoreDialog

Last days I’ve implemented hightscores in KSpiral. But I need a separate hightscore for each level and this isn’t provided by the KScoreDialog. So I patched the dialog.

KScoreDialog with level selection

KScoreDialog with level selection

The image above shows the new KScoreDialog in action. If you want to add a hightscore, you can write: dialog->setLevelName(qMakePair(untranslatedName, translatedName));. Now, the hightscore is saved in the group [KHightScore_Difficulty_MAP:untranslatedName].

To read the hightscore information you have to add the levels you want to show with: dialog->addLocalizedLevelName(qMakePair(..., ...));. It’s also possible to add more then one level at once with addLocalizedLevelNames(QMap(...));.

If you call neither call „addLocalizedLevel{Name,Names}“ nor „setLevelName“ you get the old KScoreDialog (for backward compatibility).

Now I need your point of view. Please look the patch over.

What I’ve done with KSpiral

Wow, holiday at home. It’s time for coding. Not even one month till the new semester starts.

I’m quite sure, that the elements in the SVG file are all what I need in KSpiral. I choose the way to have an extra .desktop file, which contains the config.

Author=Felix Lemke
Description=First map for testing created by programer

#number of balls to be spawned in this level
#movement duration of ball along the whole path
#cannon speed in points per second
#list of ball types (names in svg file, comma-separated)
#list of barriers (names in svg gile, comma-separated) includung the outer walls

You can see, that you can specify a list of barriers, which are drawn in the game. If balls should collide with these barriers you need a separate outline, named with the barriere name + Outline (for example: TopOutline). I have to be an path, not an object. It’s also possible to have only an „TopOutline“ path without an „Top“ object (like in my example SVG). Note, that the outline paths (if not included in objects group) aren’t drawn.

example map

example map

One special Element ist the „Cannon“ and it’s „CannonTop“. New balls are spawned between these layers.

Anymore I searched crashs and some more ugly behaviour. Now it shouldn’t be so easy to crash KSpiral. Next steps are including a score system, find some bugs/crashs.

PS: Thanks to Eugene, who shows interesse in creating an map for KSpiral. KSpiral comes to a level where we can talk about map design.

Hallo Planet

First let me introduce myself. Im Felix Lemke from Dresden in Germany. Since two years I use linux (opensuse) with KDE. I’m studying physics, but I’m also interested in programming. So I learned to love the Qt and KDE API.

Till now I worked together with Stefan Majewsky (KDiamond, Palapeli, Kolf 2). But in this summer I started my first own project „KSpiral“. It is a Zuma clone for KDE. For now it has some basic functionality. Like all other KDE games, this game is fully themable. And even more: The SVG file contains a path which KSpiral reads and uses as a track for the moving balls. Some other elements in the SVG image set up the appearance.

Screenshot of KSpiral

Screenshot of KSpiral

Thats all for now, you’ll hear from me later.


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